Probate in Hennepin County Minnesota

Q: How do I start a probate in Hennepin County Minnesota?

A probate in Hennepin County Minnesota requires that the person applying to be named as the Personal Representative (also referred to as the Executor) file a probate application with the Probate Registrar.  A Probate Registrar is the person(s) who have been designated by the Probate Court to review all probate applications and make certain decisions/recommendations as to whether the application will be accepted or if additional steps need to be taken.

Q: What is required to start a probate in Hennepin County Minnesota?

In Hennepin County, the Probate Registrar will meet with the person seeking to be appointed as Personal Representative and review the required probate paperwork. There many steps that need to be taken in a probate both before and after a meeting with the Probate Registrar.

The Hennepin County Probate Court has posted useful information at the following link:

Q: Do I need to use an attorney to start a probate in Hennepin County Minnesota?

Having an experienced Minnesota probate attorney assist you should help make the probate process move in a timely and efficient manner.  An informal and unsupervised probate may take between 4 to 9 months to complete, while a more complex probate may take years to complete.

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